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Pop. (Population) of Zero is a video production company that was created by mid-Michigan natives Matt Woodbury & Dennis Potvin, whose collaboration focused on their mutual love of ghost-towns, old horror films and indie filmmaking.

Matt previously produced the outdoors-themed webpage Team D.I.R.T., while Dennis wrote and directed the web sitcom Graverobbers Inc. The duo chose the subject of ghost-towns because it allowed them to travel and enjoy the outdoors while filming subjects that were both historical and macabre.

The 1st project; Haunted America features a unique subject matter, and is preceded by shorter films called Ghost Stories and Teaser Trailers on the Pop. of Zero website and Facebook page. Episode subjects thus far include ghost-towns, abandoned asylums, evil spirits, haunted cemeteries, nightmarish visions and witches.

In 2014 the Pozzy crew decided to take on something that is interesting and can help their local community.

A documentary about the 1953 Beecher tornado is in the works. The documentary will preserve the memories of the people that lived through it, and educate the people that wasn’t. The end is to make enough money to erect a new  memorial to honor the people that died in that terrible night.

If you have a story or would like to contribute please email us at info@popofzero.com or popofzero@gmail.com.


Trailer for the upcoming documentary The Screaming Sky